ARBITON MINERAL CORE VINYL CLICK FLOORING – 10 reasons why you should choose them.

The only vinyl click floor with a mineral core that will meet all your expectations!

Hd mineral core - vinyl panels


HDMC mineral core is a patented, innovative formula combining rock minerals and modern polymers based on carbon particles. Perfectly matched proportions of HD Mineral Core vinyl planks provide optimal performance properties. Arbiton vinyl floor with a mineral core is extremely durable. We trust it so much, that we are not afraid to provide consumers with a 20-year warranty. Our panels give also a complete certainty that the floor will be waterproof and protected against scratches. We are confident in the quality of our products and proudly emphasize the fact that they contain no phthalates or harmful plasticizers. That is why Arbiton vinyl planks with a mineral core are suitable for all rooms, including children's rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.


This is one of the most important advantages of Arbiton vinyl panels with a mineral core - there are practically no restrictions in laying them, i.e. installation up to 200 m2 without additional dilatation. This allows you to create a uniform, smooth surface throughout the home - from the bathroom, through the kitchen, to the living room. No unsightly dilatation between rooms, no aluminium profiles and thresholds in the door sills. Perfect, one surface that optically enlarges any room. The mineral core in our floors is a guarantee of impact, water and sun resistance. And if you want more, you can also create the most beautiful stairs, perfectly matching the floor, from these panels. With Arbiton vinyl panels, you are only limited by your imagination.

One space one floor


Spilled coffee or juice, maybe a broken dishwasher, or a spill? With Arbiton HD Mineral Core vinyl panels, none of these events is a problem. The product is completely waterproof. It does not swell under the influence of moisture, does not deform and does not change color. It guarantees perfect condition for many years.


Underfloor heating has a number of advantages that cannot be overestimated. However, to be effective and efficient, we must ensure the appropriate finish of the subfloor with the underfloor heating installation. The HD Mineral Core vinyl planks from Arbiton are ideal for this. The low thermal resistance of vinyl panels means more efficient use of the energy of the underfloor heating system. These create real savings in the home budget, which, in relation to laminated panels, can reach even a dozen or so percent. Importantly, Arbiton vinyl planks can be installed even on an existing stoneware floor.

Effective floor heating
Dimensional stability


A specially designed blend of minerals and polymers that form the core of vinyl panels makes them dimensionally stable. This means that they do not change their dimensions under the influence of temperature changes. For example, under the influence of solar radiation or underfloor heating. This property is crucial for the durability of the entire floor, because the older generation vinyls had a tendency to, for example, shrink, which caused stretching of the locks leading to its breaking and, as a result, degradation of the floor. Nothing like this will happen with Arbiton vinyl panels. They are a guarantee of a perfect appearance for years. The mineral core in vinyl panels ensures high thermal stability of dimensions, regardless of the level of direct sunlight on the floor. This makes it possible to arrange up to 200 m2 without additional expansion gaps between the rooms.


Our ace up the sleeve. The innovative Titanium Nano Layer coating provides HD Mineral Core panels with unprecedented scratch resistance. Arbiton vinyl panels from the Amaron and Liberal collections are as much as 30 percent more scratch-resistant than vinyl planks from other top brands. They are not afraid of claws of pets, lovers of rearranging furniture or toddlers throwing blocks. No scratches are a fact here.

Scratch resistant
Vinyl panels with a natural structure


Our floors were inspired by nature and designed based on the latest trends in A. Design Studio. Each decor is the result of long-term work of our designers who focused on the perfect projection of nature. That is why Arbiton vinyl planks can be so easily confused with wooden planks. They are equally warm and pleasant to the touch and their texture is unique and inimitable. However, their advantage over wood is that they are waterproof, ultra-durable and work perfectly with underfloor heating.


The mineral core in vinyl floors allows the use of super-durable locks that connect the panels to each other. Thanks to this, the Arbiton vinyl floor is durable and stable. Despite the small thickness of the panels, the locks in our floors are two times stronger than the locks of traditional vinyl panels.

Be eco


Arbiton vinyl panels with a mineral core are completely free of harmful phthalates and dangerous plasticizers. We manufacture our products from safe, documented raw materials and ingredients (REACH). We minimize gas emissions in the production process. HD Mineral Core vinyl panels are designed to last for many years, therefore the carbon footprint of their production, transportation and installation is spread over all years of use. All our products are recyclable. Finally, thanks to the optimal properties of vinyl panels with a mineral core, they generate real savings in the household budget and lower environmental impact - reducing CO2 emissions by up to 60% - i.e. on average nearly 500 kg of CO2 less from one household in Europe, each year. By choosing vinyl planks with a mineral core, you are in harmony with nature. 


Our vinyl floors from the AMARON and LIBERAL collections are available in the widest version on the market for this format - they are 229 mm wide. These are by far the most beautiful vinyls. The Amaron SUPERIORE collection is also available - one of the longest vinyl planks available in Europe. They are over 180 cm long, thanks to which they look very effective and natural. The deep texture (Natural Synchrone Structure) Superiore panels owe to the embossing technique (EIR), which was used to enhance preminum quality of design for this product. It gives the effect of hyper-naturalness, which is enhanced by a matte, elegant finish.

Beautiful, wide and super long board

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